To all students, graduates and staff of LASALLE-SIA College of the Arts.

Call for Proposals
Space C: WindowFront
Space D: Hotel New!  
Space E: Zouk New! 

Submit your proposal for site-specific works to be displayed in high traffic
areas including Raffles City Shopping Centre, The Gallery Evason and Zouk.
An allowance will be paid for accepted proposals.

Art in Alternative Spaces
A series of site-specific, contemporary art exhibitions organised
by LASALLE-SIA College of the Arts which aims to secure alternative spaces
in which one would not expect to see art.
* To bring contemporary art to the wider community.
* To expose the community to art other than traditional painting, etc.
* To encourage an understanding between viewers and contemporary artists in
*To provide artists from LASALLE-SIA with:
more opportunities for their work to work to be viewed,
and a foundation to sustain and pursue their arts practice.

Space C & E: Open to all final-year diploma students, degree students, and
LASALLE-SIA graduates and practitioners from the Faculty of Visual Arts.
Space D: Open to all final-year diploma students, degree students and
practitioners from the Schools of Design, Fine Art, Multimedia Art, Dance,
Music and Drama.

Spaces A to Z
Art in Alternative Spaces aims to secure 26 alternative spaces (Spaces A to
such as MRT stations, bus shelters, restaurants, office buildings,
shopping centres, East Coast Parkway, Botanic Gardens, Bukit Timah Reserve,

Space A: Began in the small BA (Bachelor of Arts) tutorial room 
used by LASALLE-SIA Fine Art students to explore different ways of
presenting Art.

Space B: Platform at Esprit, Orchard Road, was the first alternative space
outside of LASALLE-SIA, which featured 6 installation art exhibitions
from March to November '98.

Space C: WindowFront

Raffles City Shopping Centre, Level 1 
* 1 x Window Showcase 
(Opposite Raffles Hotel, outside exit between Esprit and Shu Uemura)


Series	Submit Proposals	Exhibition
5th Series	Completed	18 Sept 00 - 1 Dec 00
6th Series	13 Nov 00	9 Dec 00 - 9 Mar 01
7th Series	12 Jan 01	17 Mar 01 - 9 Jun 01
8th Series	2 Apr 01	17 Jun 01 - 9 Sept 01

Space D: Hotel

The Gallery Evason, Robertson Quay

The Gallery Evason is a hip, urban, non-conventional designer hotel. A
hotel, which is not usually considered as a space for site-specific,
experimental art, is now being used for contemporary art, while continuing
to function as a hotel.

* 1 x Fixed Space 
(Shop space with no ceiling, facing the main entrance, it has glass windows
 all around and can be viewed from the street and from the 2nd floor within
the hotel).

* 3 x Variable spaces 
(Artist to pick from space available within or outside the Hotel 
*	E.g. projection screen, 5th level; library "well" space, 5th level &
outdoor locations  - staircases, corners, swimming pool, etc).


Series	Submit Proposals	Exhibition
1st Series	Completed	18 Oct 00 - 9 Feb 01
2nd Series	13 Nov 00	17 Feb 01 - 12 May 01
3rd Series	7 Feb 01	20 May 01 - 19 Aug 01
4th Series	16 May 01	27 Aug 01 - 22 Nov 01

Space E: Zouk

Zouk, 17 Jiak Kim Street
* Zouk Tunnel (From foyer towards Zouk Disco),
* Display Window (Steps to entrance of Phuture),
* Bar 1 Ceiling Area (Central Bar),
* Bar 3 Ceiling Area A (Above the dance floor).


Series	Submit Proposals	Exhibition
1st Series	13 Nov 00	17 Jan 01 - 11 Apr 01
2nd Series	1 Feb 01	25 Apr 01 - 18 Jul 01
3rd Series	9 May 01	1 Aug 01 - 24 Oct 01
4th Series	17 Jul 01	7 Nov 01 - 31 Jan 02

Space Details
For copies of the application form/ site-recce or for more information,
kindly enquire with Magdalene Png, Project Executive, Corporate
Communications Department on 3409 123, or email magdalene@l...