Art of Giving Project


Dear Sir / Mdm:

Invitation to the Official Launch of the Art of Giving Project

Connoisseur Artworks is a private Art gallery located in the heart of Orchard Road. Our founder, a specialist doctor in private practice, first started this gallery with his private collection of fine art resulting from years of careful collecting from art galleries worldwide.

Our gallery today contains more then 1,000 pieces of fine works of art from all over the world. Our unique gallery allows art lovers to browse through our collection quickly and conveniently based on the theme of art that they are looking for.

We have made it our goal to do all we can to support the arts scene in Singapore as well. For this reason we have worked with Community Chest to have a charity event based on our local artistís productions in order to help generate more publicity for them and give to charity at the same time.

The Art of Giving Charity Project

Our event has been aptly titled, Art of Giving. This exciting new event was first conceptualized in Jan 2006 by Connoisseur Artworks for a three-fold purpose of firstly, contributing to charity; secondly, to support our local arts scene and thirdly, to give Art lovers the opportunity to own pieces of high-quality art from our local artists.

In view of our upcoming National Day, a sizable portion of Connoisseur Artworks Gallery has been allocated to display a selection of Local Artists works. Well-known artists from Singapore have been approached to donate pieces of their artwork to us to aid the fund-raising. Our goal is to have an on-going exhibition throughout the month of August featuring the donated works of art for public viewing and purchase. Our current list of participating artists includes Ms Chng Siok Tin, a renowned local artist with visual impairment who is also the recipient for cultural medallion award for visual arts 2005; Ms Tang Ling Nah, winner of young artist award 2004; Ms Olga Polunin, our very own homegrown artist who has received international acclaim; and other prominent artists on the local scene.

(*Artists biographies and donated works can be found on our website )

The proceeds for the art sold will be donated entirely toward charities under the auspices of the Community Chest. Currently, Community Chest has designated the donations to St Andrew's Autism Centre.

We would like to invite you to our official launch for the Art of Giving which will be on 5th August 2006 (1 - 5 pm) @ Connoisseur Artworks (6B Nutmeg Road). We look forward to extending a warm welcome to you as you join us for this event.

Warmest Regards,

Angeline Toh
IT & Business Manager
Connoisseur Artworks
Tel: +65 6836 6186