Biodata of Members

Daniel Pok Teik Kim
I am currently undertaking a Bachelor of Arts degree at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, majoring in Theatre and Film Studies. I was previously active in the arts only in junior college and while being a member of the Young Company of Singapore Repertory Theatre. Also, I have volunteered for SRT with regards to publicity, administrative and front-of-house tasks. At this point of time, I have yet to acquire a concrete vision of how I would like to contribute to this arts in Singapore, and even practise it, whereever that may be. I will be unable to attend the remaining Event meetings as I have to return to Sydney to attend my second year of studies. However, I would love to be in touch with the progress of the arts community in Singapore while I am away.

Sim Wan Hui
Wan Hui is a full-time arts administrator at The Centre for the Arts, NUS.

Sim Pern Yiau
My personal interest as an audience is in live performance of all types. As a practitioner, i'm looking for forms and practices that uses the non-reproducable and ephemeral nature of live performance in a way that enhances rather than diminishes its effect. I see singapore society today as an ocean of more or less uniform waves - the differences are token. I try to create ripples, which momentarily upsets the surface pattern of waves. Hopefully one day, the undercurrent gets a jolt too.

Valerie (val) Oliveiro
val is a freelance theatre production/stage manager/technical assistant hoping to branch into theatre design in a couple of years.

Christopher Ho Zhenhao
Basically, i'm only a volunteer so...well i got in to this group by accident and...i refused to unsubscribe because there is alot to learn in here...i'm basically interested in lighting, playwrighting and acting... just an A'level student next year...yah thats about skin is thick...

Tang Li Jen (Chen Liren)
An Art teacher in Victoria Junior College. Had experimented with a wide variety of art forms and media, but prefers 3D sculptures, kinetic/interactive, Computer graphics. Interested in promoting art and art education in Singapore.

Chong, Li-Chuan Chong Li-Chuan (a.k.a Chuan)
is a sonic artist with an emphasis on electroacoustic/acousmatic composition. Born 12th February 1975, Singapore. Chuan studied piano under the tutelage of Mdm Lim Bee Choo from age seven in Singapore and received further keyboard training and general music education in London under the guidance of Mr Peter Gellhorn. Chuan is a recent Music BMus (Hon) graduate from Goldsmiths College, University of London, with special interest in Aesthetics and electroacoustic music. While at Goldsmiths, Chuan received advanced keyboard study with Ms Susan Bradshaw, concentrating on the music of J.S. Bach and Dmitry Shostakovich. Chuan also works in the capacity of an independent researcher in acoustic ecology and environmental soundscaping and is a composer of 'new' music that explores Adornian ideals. Chuan is currently pursuing a Masters degree (MMus in Composition, Studio Pathway) at Goldsmiths College, University of London, under the guidance of Dr Katharine Norman.

Janice Koh
Trained in theatre studies and arts administration, Janice has been involved in the Singapore arts scenes as a performer and administrator since 1992. Her work with companies such as Theatreworks (S) Ltd include Descendants of the Eunuch Admiral which toured to Berlin and Hamburg in 1998. Janice currently works full-time at the National Arts Council but continues to perform and occasionally write for The Arts Magazine. Her more recent performances include Spell#7's Meena & Me (1999) and Toy Factory Theatre Ensemble's Lovepuke(1999).

Gurjeet Singh
Gurjeet has been involved in the Singapore arts scenes as an administrator since 1992. He worked full-time with The Necessary Stage and was involved with arts education in schools between 1995 - 1998. He currently works full-time at the National Arts Council.

Jennifer Teo
I was previously working in the Substation and I'm interested in all cultural- and arts-related matters.

Brandon Wee
Brandon is currently in his third and final year in the Diploma in Fine Arts (Arts Management) course at LASALLE-SIA College of the Arts. He has worked on various projects both in the visual and performing arts fields, as well as in other emerging technologies during the last two years. His interests include art criticism, theatre and film...