APAD's First Women Art Exhibition 2003

Organised by
Association of Artists of Various Resources (APAD)
Supported by
National Arts Council Singapore (NAC)

For further enquiries, contact:
Ms Ye Ruoshi at 62274557

CINTA: Apad's first women art exhibition
Featuring various expressions and interpretations of Cinta (meaning 'love' in Malay) by women members of Angkatan Pelukis Aneka Daya (APAD) Association of Artists of Various Resources.

Venue: ARTrium@MITA, MITA Building,
140 Hill Street, Singapore
Official Opening:
Wed 17th September 2003 at 7pm
Guest-of-Honour: Miss Penny Low,
Member of Parliament for Pasir Ris - Punggol GRC
Exhibition Dates: 18th - 21st September 2003, 10am – 7pm

1. Fazelah Supaat Abas
2. Hamidah Jalil
3. Irda Haeryati Tomin
4. Juliana Yasin
5. Nuradiah Ali
6. Rauzanah Saini
7. Siti Zurianah Bte Sanwari
8. Surina Bte Mohamed Sani
9. Ye Ruoshi

Also featuring invited artists:
10. Angie Seah
11. Lim Shing Ee

What is Love and how does one define it? There are many meanings, forms and expression of Love. It means different things to different people. Love is something so complex that no words can express hence this art exhibition by 11 women artists will attempted their individual artistic expression of Love.

This is the first all-women art exhibition organized by the APAD – Association of Artists of Various Resources. The theme chosen is ‘CINTA', which means love in Malay. It is a broad theme and can be interpreted in many variations. Most importantly, it aims to put forth the contemporary expressions of our women artists. The other objectives of this exhibition is to bring together and showcase the works by women members of APAD. This is hoped to promote and encourage appreciation of works by local women artists.

This exhibition is supported by the National Arts Council, Singapore

About APAD
The Angkatan Pelukis Aneka Daya (APAD), Association of Artists of Various Resources is a non-profit organization established since 1962 that actively promotes its member artists and development of visual arts in Singapore. It also conduct regular art classes to promote visual art practices to the public. More information can be attained at our website http://www.apad.org.sg/.


Member of Parliament, Pasir Ris – Punggol GRC

I would like to congratulate the Association of artists of Various Resources, or better known as ‘Angkatan Pelukis Aneka Daya' (APAD) for organising "Cinta" - its first all-women contemporary art exhibition.

APAD has a long history. Since 1962, it has been actively promoting the development and appreciation of visual arts especially amongst the Singapore Malay Community as well as in the region. I commend your efforts. Your efforts are in sync with the initiatives of the Remaking of Singapore Committee, as well as the recommendations of the Economic Review Committee that recommends the Creative Industry and a Cultural Capital as an engine of Singapore's economic growth.

It has been recognized that arts can not only value add to a person's quality of life, but also gives high value-add to any industry goods and services. Successful companies like Nokia, Swatch, and our own home grown Creative Technology wins not only in terms of innovative products, but also on out-of-the-box artistic designs. Indeed, it is the artistic expressions on these products that distinguishes it from its competitors, and commands a premium on the product. The world now recognizes that while there is virtue in cultivating arts for arts sake and appreciating it in its purest form, arts can also play a vital role in helping individuals and industrialists alike to think and act out-of-the-box, and propel forward. This is in fact the basis of innovation and invention, as witnessed in the Information and Technological revolution that we experience.

In this respect APAD's organization of ‘Cinta' is timely. Singapore needs organizations like APAD to continually encourage the development of the arts. Arts allow the creativity of a person to be realized. When individuals in Singapore have the space and opportunities to realize their innate talents, society on a whole will benefit. It will also help bring about a more vibrant cosmopolitan Singapore.

I am also pleased to note that this is an exhibition by the eleven women artists who are each distinctive in their own way. In a meritocratic society, gender is not a determinant of one's artistic expression. Their works are reflections of their exposures and the freedom they exercise in forming their thoughts and opinions. Likewise, this exhibition also celebrates the variety and diversity that underlines our unique multi-cultural landscape. It is in the appreciation of this diversity that we find unity. It is through arts and culture, that we may find a common understanding and bond that strengthens the fabric of our society. This exhibition is another milestone in celebrating our unity in diversity.

I take this opportunity to congratulate you and wish you every success.

Penny Low (Ms)
Member of Parliament
Pasir Ris – Punggol GRC

Fazelah Supaat Abas Hamidah Jalil Irda Haeryati Tomin Juliana Yasin
Nuradiah Ali Lim Shing Ee
Siti Zurianah
Bte Sanwari
Surina Bte
Mohamed Sani
Ye Ruoshi Angie Seah