Tsunamii.Net Alpha 3.5 Crush
Courtesy of Fragnetics at http://www.fragnetics.com

Collaborating with artists from Tsunamii.Net, Fragnetics was the technical team tasked to set up the computers used for the Alpha 3.5 Crush project, where an online webserver ( was crushed in the presence of a live online and offline audience at the Millbank Gallery in London, UK. Visitors were able to take a peek at the server through an Axis webcam configured specially for the event as a countdown timer ticked away the seconds towards the end of the Crush server's 5-day online life which ended on 12 September 2002. A total of 72,355 visits were logged. More than 2,000 people were present online while a group of about 30 were at the gallery itself to witness the event live.