You are cordially invited to the opening of a
Fund Raising Art Exhibition

21st December 2005, Wednesday, 630pm - 930pm
@ CLUB 95, 95 Club Street
All guests will be treated to ONE free round of Martini “SAPPHIRE MAYPOLE” by Bombay Sapphire

Tel: 6423 4695 / 9871 0431 (Ash)
6226 2605 / 9109 8509 / (Kenneth)

Club 95 Opening Hours: Mon – Thurs 6pm – 2am and Fri – Sat 6pm - 4am

ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS is an exhibition showcasing the works of 12 “artists”. These creative individuals have volunteered their talents, taking precious time off from their busy professions (actor, air steward, architect, entrepreneurs, geologist, lawyer, marketeer and teachers) and come together to create works of art for a good cause in this The Season of Giving.

100% of sale proceeds will be contributed to PERTAPIS CHILDREN’S HOME (tel: 6383 0914 Mdm Sahnim / 6284 4017 Mr Tang) for their purchase of children’s school equipment. Pertapis Children’s Home houses and looks after the welfare of Malay children between the age of 4 to 17 years old. To date, the home houses 60 children. The Home is situated at Kovan Road along Serangoon Road. These children are not juvenile delinquents, but come from broken families. They have been placed at Pertapis Children’s Home by the Courts either for their own safety, from abusive domestic environments, or because their parents are unable to care for them.

Pertapis Children’s Home needs YOUR help with gathering certain things the children need for schooling. These include school uniforms, school bags, stationery, books and other sundry items. We volunteers would like to procure brand new items for the children, so that they can have a sense of ownership over their own things. These children have already been displaced and disenfranchised; giving them something that belongs to them, and them alone, might help them feel a little less cast off.

Works include:

Red Robin, Nila Murti
Flight of Peace, Wong Sheau Ying
Love Your Neighbour As Yourself, Kelvin Ang

This fund raising art exhibition has been made possible by the generous support of