Second series of Artists Investigating Monuments


11 August 2000, Artists’ Dialogues at The Substation’s Classroom.

2PM – 5PM: Discussions by participating artists about their presented works in AIM and concepts of monument.

6 PM: The Substation’s Garden.

Installation / Performance Art by Indonesian Artists ;


presented by Agoes Jolly, S.S Listyowati, Fahmi Alatas & Iwan Wijono.

The work is about the legend, history, and urban myths. The issues of monetary condition, culture, inter-nations network, ASEAN and globalisation will be explored through the chronology of cultural developing-steps. A multi-disciplinary performance presented with symbolic properties like chairs, flags, dishes, slides of local landscapes and scenes and music.


12 August 2000, 3 PM.

Site-Specific Installation at The Merlion Park.

"Depth-Surfaced - pool penetration" 

by Agnes Yit.

Ice installation of impermanent meanings in identities and changing landscapes of physical space. This ‘monumental work’ is not to induce the viewer for a fixed thought on what they ought to think. But rather they will experience the feeling of impermanent moment, instant memory and time co-exist altogether.

"Move Your Mind Into My Body"

presented by Iwan Wijono in collaboration with Kai Lam.

This performance respond to ideas of objecthood in relation to one's body. In improvisational means, the idea (mind) connects with objects (materials) and connects with the body which connects back to the idea (mind).


presented by Agoes Jolly, S.S Listyowati, A. Fahmi Alatas & Iwan Wijono.


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