Opening Fri, 7pm

With support from The Substation,

The Artists Village presents

By Dennis Tan
The Substation Gallery 
20-30 Oct, 11am-9pm daily.

In the artist's words:
'Mental Sculpture' here refers to the forms that are conjured up by 
the two stimulus: language and sound. Painting allows its audiences 
their interpretations, with the art clearly being the painting. In 
this case neither the texts nor the sounds is the art. They are
merely presented as cases of stimulant, or still life for the 
painting. The art lies in the cognitive forms conjured with help of 
the stimulus, i.e. the authorship lies with the interpreters. Every 
piece of art from that similar source of stimulus becomes an original.

Dennis Tan is a current member of The Artists Village who have been
practicing art in the local scene for almost six years and has 
participated in various important art exhibitions locally and 
internationally. In 1999, he won First Prize in the local Thames and 
Hudson painting competition. He had worked with different people 
working in different area. Examples of his activities involving 
various community interest groups include World Aids Day
collaborative performance and the White Cane Club (a visually
disabled group). Most recently he had initiated a public art project 
Spending Time With Raffles Club in Artists Investigating Monuments in 
various parts of Singapore and had also exhibited works in the 
Cardiff's Art on Time Festival (Telegraph Hill Arts Festival) in 
London, England and Dream Plan Project at Kwanhoon Gallery in Seoul,