About SingaporeArt.org


   SingaporeArt.org emerged from an artist who realized that an online art resource would be appreciated by the Singapore Arts Community, because a significant proportion of electronically posted articles and press releases were deleted over time. Rudiments of Singaporeart.org were present online in 1997 as webpage listings, but it was in 1999 that the SingaporeArt.org acquired its organizational identity. The project gained momentum in recent years in size and complexity. The domain names SingaporeArt.org and SingaporeArt.net were acquired in the year 2002. It has often been cited that SingaporeArt.org is the earliest online endeavor of this nature in Asia.

   Since its introduction, SingaporeArt.org has emerged to become the most comprehensive and the most accessed site for news and data on Singapore visual arts scene. Many local artists and organizations have contributed both data and images to the site, and endorsed its operations. SingaporeArt.org, a non-profit outfit, has relied on generous provisions of server hosting space and administrative help from volunteers. SingaporeArt.org has maintained a small but modest collection of hard copy publication material on the Singapore Arts scene for the last 20 years, and welcomes donations of such materials for its archive.

   In the first decade of the new millennium, visual arts has evolved to interactive digital new media arts, multi-disciplinary arts, informational arts, and biological arts. Science and technology are increasingly the subjects of investigation by artists, and scientific and technological tools and media are increasingly included in the widening definition of artist's media. In many ways, SingaporeArt.org represents the use of information technology to augment cultural development in the visual arts. SingaporeArt.org engenders creative tension by providing a platform for informed discussion on the visual arts in Singapore.  

    In early 2006, Hitwise , an international consultancy that analyses the online performance of websites, awarded Singaporeart.org (under the name of donor host), number 1 in the category of Art for the local country.