About FACTS @ www.artssingapore.com


   Artssingapore.com was an initiative from a Singapore artist who realized that an online arts forum would be appreciated by the Singapore Arts Community. The artist came from a visual arts background, and he was initially interested in setting up a focus Singapore visual arts audience forum, to the exclusion of other forms of arts. The first forum was established in 1999, and was subcategorized to the various specialities of visual arts practice. Another version was established at Delphi Forums about 2 years later. However, the visual arts community was too small, and the forums were deemed too quiet and did not catch on in the way the artist intended, and therefore benefited no one.

   He realized that there needed to be a critical mass of participants in the forum before the forum could gather momentum. The artist decided that the 3rd version of the Singapore art forum had to involve the entire arts community. Besides the arts were converging and becoming increasingly multi-disciplinary. Clear demarcation of fields was no longer easy or desirable, except perhaps for emphasis and administrative facilitation.

   The artist was receiving an enormous amount of press releases, data, and images from supporters of his visual arts research archive to post and archive. Since the artist was constrained by time, the artist decided to develop another platform for participants to post the data themselves. This was the primary motivation for the establishment of the forum. The forum platform would need to be simply categorized, cleanly designed, searchable, and free of advertisements. This was how the third version of the forum - FACTS - Forum for the Arts Community in Singapore - was developed and released at http://www.artssingapore.com in 2005.



FACTS at Artssingapore.com