5 x 3

Performance Art and Party

1) You are invited to a 5 x 3 performance event and party.

2) Guests of this party are encouraged to do 5 actions for 3 minute duration each.

3) So come and participate or view five performances of 3 minutes duration each by invited artists.

4) Participants are requested to make 3 minutes maximum duration actions for a series of 5 times

5) Hence 5 times 3 performance and party.

I have an empty flat yet to be moved into. It is an empty place except with echo-ie walls.

There will be a performance by invited friends in this empty space while at the same time,

the party goes on and on and on and on and on - during this 5 series of actions of 3 minutes performance.

I repeat Five Times, Do Five Performances. I Repeat Five Times, Do Five Performances.

I Repeat Five Five Times, Do Five Performances Five Times...

But Three Minutes Only Each.

You are invited to do or view five 3 minutes performances.