Lin Hsin Hsin - 24 hours in Cyberspace


Picasso rearranged women's faces and invented cubism. When O'Keeffe painted bones in the sky, America discovered the desert. Warhol elevated the mundane and achieved more than his own 15 minutes of fame. Lin Hsin Hsin, painter and poet, opened a museum on the Internet and gave the arts community yet another reason to turn to cyberspace.

Like her famous predecessors, this Singapore artist does what artists always do -- look for new ways to see and show the world. The Lin Hsin Hsin Museum is entirely devoted to her creations, which are mainly oil paintings, works on paper, and poetry. Visitors can also hyperlink to the artist's views on "man & woman," take in a video at "Theatrette," check out the gift shop, and even become a friend of the museum. More adventurous visitors can head straight for "The Toilet," a multimedia exhibit that inspired one visitor to write, "I saw the toilet and I've decided to stay there for the rest of my life."

The Lin Hsin Hsin Museum is a friendly, casual cyberartspace, but its creator is a serious artist and information technologist. She holds mathematics and computer science degrees from the University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne in England and has exhibited all over the world. Completely at home in her Internet museum, she has, like all artists, found a new way to look at the world.